Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (2024)

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (1)


Rating: 5 stars


My changes- Left out wheat bran and flax seed, just did not have on hand. Added in about a tbsp of chia seeds. Cut out dates but added one fresh chopped gala apple (~1 cup). Instead of pineapple used mix of raisins and craisins. Added a bit of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract since I like them both and had on hand. Glad I added these in. Very good, moist and my toddler and hubby enjoyed them, will try freezing to have in the weeks to come! Nice to have a base for a healthy muffin that I can tailor to what stuff I have on hand.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (2)


Rating: 5 stars


These were great, but a little too sweet. I will try 1/2 cup sugar next time. I also made them toddler-friendly by really chopping the walnuts fine in the food processor, 1/2 cup chopping raisins, and chopping an extra banana to stir in in place of the dried fruit. They came out great and my son loved them.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (3)


Rating: 3 stars


I took these to an office meeting, wanting a healthier alternative to what is typically served. People seemed to like them and I thought they were pretty good, though I want to play around a bit with the dried fruit and nuts. The recipe feeds 18 truly and they only keep for a day or two, so plan to share them or freeze them.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (4)


Rating: 5 stars


Very tasty and moist. Added 1 c. fresh blueberries, a half cup dates, and omitted the pineapple because that was what I had. I think I'd stick with all dried fruit, though- the blueberries were a bit wet in the muffins. I love that the fat in this recipe comes only from the flaxseed and the egg, both healthy sources. I might try toasting the walnuts before adding, too. My family all said they were tasty. Great, healthy breakfast muffins!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (5)


Rating: 5 stars


I have made these muffins at least 20 times usually for my co-workers. I have made many other muffin recipes, but this is the one I always come back to if I am wanting to make a healthier muffin. The only thing I change is that I substitute dried apricots for the dried pineapple, although I have tried raisins, dried cranberries, etc. Just make sure the bananas are really ripe and you cannot fail with this recipe. I use Dannon Light 'n Fit vanilla for the yogurt, which seems to work out better than the greek yogurts. Just made again and substituted coconut sugar (which is supposedly a healthier sugar). The muffins turned out just as delicious as always. I did cut back on the walnuts to save calories

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (6)


Rating: 5 stars


I ADORE these muffins! I have been making them for about ten months, make a batch and freeze. Take out a few on Monday morning for the week ahead. These are the perfect breakfast with yogurt or a fruit smoothie. Instead of the dates and pineapple, I made yesterday with packaged Tropical Medley. The best recipe yet!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (7)


Rating: 5 stars


I have made these and they are delicious. I keep them in the freezer for a quick breakfast on the way to the golf course. Yummy.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (8)


Rating: 4 stars


i feel the fat content is high - wonder why? only addition of fat is the nuts...i will use less...3/4 cups is a lot of chopped walnuts!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (9)


Rating: 5 stars


I can't believe these muffins are healthy because they taste so amazing! The only substitutions I made were skipping the wheat bran, added ground flaxseed meal to the batter (didn't sprinkle any on top), and used turbinado sugar instead of brown sugar. I also sprinkled turbinado sugar on the tops of the muffins before baking to give them a nice sweet crunch! YUM!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (10)


Rating: 5 stars


Delicious, moist and hearty. I used banilla yogurt instead of plain, egg substitute, and subbed coconut and raisins for the dates and pineapple. My picky 6 yo loved them.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (11)


Rating: 5 stars


I added one chopped fresh apple to replace pineapple and dried cranberry. Used quick oats instead of regular oats and it is very moist and tasting. I will definitely make again and will use less brown sugar.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (12)


Rating: 5 stars


Eat 'em up yum! My whole family loves these. I have made them many times, added lots of different things from other kinds of fruit/nuts to coconut, even candy bits. Always great. I have even made up a bigger batch and saved the batter in the fridge overnight to bake fresh the next morning. Never fail recipe for me!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (13)


Rating: 5 stars


Absolutely delicious & hearty muffins! I substituted a cup of apricots for the dates which I didn't have on hand, and used pomegranate craisins & splash of golden raisins for dried pineapple, also tossed in a little fresh nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Gave the walnuts only a rough chop and used 3 tbs. of ground flax seeds since I didn't have wheat germ. A++ muffin recipe!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (14)


Rating: 5 stars


I've made these muffins for at least three years and thought I'd better rate them. Worthy of a 5+ rating. I've made them with a lot of different combinations of chopped dried fruit and pecans. Every once and a while I put in a few mini-choc. chips. I stir all the flax seed in and top with just a light sprinkling of the large grain natural sugar. My friends love these—making a batch gives me a great excuse to invite everyone over for coffee/tea, muffins and good conversation! Make this your go-to muffin recipe!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (15)


Rating: 5 stars


These are fantastic. I added applesauce because used Greek yogurt and two tbls of the Cornell Enriching Flour (soy, wheat germ , dry milk). I didn't have pineapple but added 1/3 c shredded coconut. These additions upped the protein and calcium content, probably swapping out the calories with lack of pineapple. Also used king Arthur's whole wheat pastry flour instead of ww flour...really helps keep them light. Love the idea shared about hotter oven. Will try that next time!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (16)


Rating: 4 stars


Very satisfying!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (17)


Rating: 4 stars


Very good flavor and texture. I did not add the fruit and nuts which effects the nutrition values, making them a nice addition to my weight watchers diet at 3 points per muffin. They make a great quick and easy breakfast! My pickier daughter does not like them but everyone else who's tried them, loves them! They will be great to take camping and to our vacation home!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (18)


Rating: 5 stars


Very tasty! :)

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (19)


Rating: 5 stars


I've made these several times and enjoy trying different dried fruits, and per other readers like to add vanilla and cinnamon (tsp. each). I also sub in low-fat sour cream when I don't have plain yogurt, and some applesauce if my bananas are small and don't make a cup. I'd like to try a cup of buttermilk sometime, I think that would make them more moist as well. I also get only 12 good-sized muffins, and bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes - per a wonderful trick I got from my King Arthur Flour cookbook, I always preheat to 500 and drop the temp to 400 after putting muffins in the oven, makes for a beautiful crown on muffins. I also added the zest of one orange this time, adds subtle layer of flavor to an already yummy muffin! I also decrease the brown sugar, using a 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar and sprinkling turbinado sugar on top for a pretty crunch. This is one of my family's faves, and one I'd recommend to anyone for healthy breakfast-on-the-go!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (20)


Rating: 1 stars


Too dense, too much bulk and dry after the 2nd day.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (21)


Rating: 5 stars


These are awesome!! My whole family liked them and they are a nutritious muffin!!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (22)


Rating: 4 stars


I really like these a lot... I made them as mini-muffins in an attempt to keep myself from eating too much. I feel that they're a tad too sweet, and not even from a health standpoint, just from a taste standpoint. I think I'll cut WAY back on the sugar next time. These really are delicious though, and I love that people say you can alter the mix-ins to your tastes. Next time I'll try adding some unsweetened coconut!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (23)


Rating: 5 stars


This recipe is great b/c it can be adjusted according to your taste and what you have available. I used steel cut oats. I am going for low glycemic, so I used only one banana and a scoop of canned pumpkin, left out all dried fruit, had only 7 oz. of plain yogurt so added about 1/8 cup unsweetened applesauce and a couple TB of shredded zuchinni,and used 1/4 cup agave nectar instead of the sugar, and the texture was light and moist. I added some cinnamon and vanilla because I like them! Once you make the original recipe, you can make changes to the wet ingredients, just trying for a similar consistency.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (24)


Rating: 3 stars


Good to see these show up in my e-mail, daily indulgence I think. Made them when they first came out in 07 and had forgotten about them. Delicious and easy to substitute other dried fruits and nuts with whatever you have on hand. Like other reviewers I sometimes cut the sugar back depending on how sweet the dried fruits are.Great healthy breakfast or snack time muffin.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (25)


Rating: 4 stars



Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (26)


Rating: 5 stars


These are great muffins that just keep getting better with the changes I've made so I just had to share them with you. Instead of dates, I use a half cup dried cranberries and a half cup dried and chopped apricots. And instead of putting the flaxseed on top of the muffins, which tends to just fall off no matter how I try to press it down, I just include it in the batter. Today, much to my dismay when I went to make a batch, I had only a half cup of regular oats! So, hoping for the best, I added a half cup of dry steel-cut oats. I was afraid they wouldn't have enough moisture to cook thoroughly, so I used 12 ounces of fat-free yogurt instead of 1 cup. Amazing! They were denser and chewier with a wonderful, nutty flavor. This will be a permanent change for me to the recipe. And I was able to get 24 muffins out of the batch! Woo-hoo! Oh, these muffins do refrigerate well. I have one with a small glass of milk and it gets me through a five mile walk with plenty of energy left.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (27)


Rating: 5 stars


I have made this recipe MANY times and it is always received with grateful UMMMs of joy. There are never any left, regardless of how many recipes I make! Once I tried to put some aside "for later" and refrigerated them on purpose, they were just as good the next day. Even my fiber-hating son loves these muffins!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (28)


Rating: 5 stars


These came out pretty dang good. I'm glad I only used a half cup of brown sugar because I can't imagine these being any sweeter. I only had lemon yogurt on hand and that worked perfectly. I omitted the wheat bran because I had none. These will be great for breakfast, and snacks on the run.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (29)


Rating: 5 stars


Wow, these came out super yummy. I made them for the teachers at the school and had more then one ask me for the recipe. I made a couple of changes but you wouldn't know it, for they were awesome in my book. Didn't have Wheat bran or dried pineapple so omitted those two, and switched the dates for Cranberries. My two guys are total sweet eaters and downed these without a complaint. I did mix the flax seed in with the batter so they didn't see it!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (30)


Rating: 3 stars


I expected to be wowed by this muffin after reading the reviews. We thought they were okay but weren't wowed. But perhaps that was due to the many substitutions I made after reading the reviews. I used sunflower seeds and coconut for the nuts, and raisins and blueberries for the fruit.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (31)


Rating: 5 stars


The Best muffins, I added grated apple, used all whole wheat flour, used dried cranberries & cherries instead of pineapple.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (32)


Rating: 5 stars


These muffins were wonderful but I can't say I followed the recipe very closely! I used steel cut oats instead of regular oats and soaked them in the yogurt for the day (I made them at night), used pumpkin instead of bananas as thats what I had on hand and in addition to the dates and pineapple I added crystalized ginger. Without the ginger I think this recipe would need some spices like cinnamon or ground ginger. I will make these again! :)

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (33)


Rating: 5 stars


These muffins are wonderful! I used 1/2 c. brown sugar, 3 thawed bananas, and dried figs instead of dates. I also added 1 T. wheat germ, and a sprinkling of sweetened coconut. I was able to make 12 large muffins, and 12 mini-muffins from one recipe. My 17 month old gobbled them up. I'll also be wrapping and freezing these to make for easy breakfasts. Will definitely make again.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (34)


Rating: 2 stars


The recipe does have potential, however maybe it was my substitutions of apricots and cherries instead of pineapple and dates that didn't quite cut it. The muffins were extremely dense which made it feel like you were eating a rock. That combined with the amount of nuts and fruit called for made it seem like there was less muffin. I usually like more "goodies" in muffins but I would cut back on the amount used next time. I will potentially make this again as directed with no substitutions.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (35)


Rating: 5 stars


FABULOUS! Mine were a tad sweet (the dried pineapple I used was sweetened), so I will cut back on sugar next time and will try others suggestions such as dried apricot or cherries or fresh blueberries! I didn't have any plain yogurt and only a partial plain Greek yogurt... So I used the partial plain Greek yogurt and part pineapple Greek yogurt. Batter was thick, added a splash of low fat milk. RESULTS WERE STUNNING!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (36)


Rating: 5 stars


What a wonderful breakfast muffin! Perfect with a yogurt and cup of coffee! The only things I changed were that I omitted the dates(because I didnt have any), added more whole flaxseed to the batter(I wanted to see the seeds, so I didnt use the ground ones).. and then on today's batch, I omitted pineapple and added fresh blueberries! Everyone has asked for the recipe :)

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (37)


Rating: 5 stars


These are delicious! I made 12 large muffins instead of 18 (increased baking time by 5 minutes). I used toasted wheat germ instead of wheat bran and whole flaxseed instead of ground. I used 1 cup of chopped dried apples and 1/2 cup of chopped dried apricots. I will definitely make these again--so wholesome and filling!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (38)


Rating: 5 stars


Made these last night and they are delicious! I will definitely make these often. They taste too good to be this healthy :) I didn't have dates, so I used a combination of raisins and cran-raisins... I think pretty much any fruit combos would work great. I also couldn't find wheat bran and used a tip to grind up some bran flakes to substitute. My picky husband even asked me to pack some in his lunch!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (39)


Rating: 4 stars


Delicious, but this makes 13 standard size muffins, not 18 as stated, which makes the calorie content around 250.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (40)


Rating: 5 stars


I have made this recipe probably 20 times. I have tried mamy other muffin recipes, but I always come back to this one. The only changes that I make are that I use vanilla yogurt instead of plain and substitue apricots for the pineapple. I have also tried dried cherries. I have always been pleased with the results. Everyone raves and wants this recipe. You cannot go wrong here.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (41)


Rating: 5 stars


Great. Awesome for breakfast. Healthy start or finish to your day. My personal trainer even loved them.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (42)


Rating: 4 stars


Loved it, and so did my picky DH! Very moist and tender--not dense and dry, which is how I usually think of "healthy" baked goods. Recipe could very well have been great as is, but since I care more about wholesome AND yummy instead of low-calorie, here are the tweaks I made to add some extra yumminess: (1) used dried currants, mango & pecans (2) used whole milk yogurt (I make my own at home!) (3) added about 2 Tbsp peanut butter (4) mixed in flaxseed instead of sprinkling (5) changed mixing order per Cooking Light article "How to make banana bread," mainly start with wet ingredients, then add sugar, then dry ingredients, and finally flavor additions like fruit and nuts. Definitely will make again!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (43)


Rating: 5 stars


These turned out great! They were very moist and I was surprised to find that they didn't have a "fat" component like butter or oil. I used all all-purpose flour and 1/2 cup of brown sugar (which was plenty; I might even cut it more next time). I substituted a half cup of currents for the cup of dates, omitted the dried pineapple and only put in 1/2 cup of walnuts. I also just sprinkled a little flaxseed on some of the muffins (not much though). I also added about 1/8 cup of unsweetened coconut which was a nice addition. I used defrosted bananas so that may have been why mine were very sweet. I baked them for about 15 minutes. My whole family loved them! Would definitely make again.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (44)


Rating: 5 stars


SUPER-DUPER MUFFINS!!! I tried this as is and also by using 1/2 the amount of dates with the other 1/2 being tart dried cherries(same calories, more protein & same sugars-still no fat)and used dried apricots instead of pineapple - YUMMY! I also put 1/3 of the flax in the muffins as well as 2 tbls. of chia seeds(yay superfoods!)

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (45)


Rating: 5 stars


THE BEST! I have been making these muffins every other week for several years. Two batches are made at a time and we freeze them and take one out each day to go to work. They are a terrific snack at 10:30am when it is not quite lunch time. I have tried mango/pecan but have found my favorite is cran-raisens and walnuts instead of the pineapple and dates.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (46)


Rating: 5 stars


Great way to start the morning. I will absolutely make again. I imagine they will freeze well, too.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (47)


Rating: 5 stars


The batter was really dry when I mixed it up, so I put a little bit of coconut milk in it to moisten it up. When I baked the muffins, I baked them five minutes longer than it said to bake them. They were so good, I recommend them!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (48)


Rating: 5 stars


This is my favorite muffin recipe. Freezes well. Picky 5-year old loves these and asks for them often. Easy to sub different fruit or nuts. I mix in flax seed so not too grainy on top. Also sub more flax for the wheat bran, since I don't usually have the bran. Great for breakfast or healthy after-school snack.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (49)


Rating: 5 stars


I usually make this with the dates and then sub raisins for the pineapple, though I've used dried apples, too. I think I want to try coconut one of these times... As for the flax seed, I find that 3 tbsp sprinkled on top is too much and it just falls off - so I put 2 tbsp in the mix and sprinkle with only 1 tbsp. And for the reviewer who said it's not a kid-pleaser - that totally depends on your kids! My son loves these.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (50)


Rating: 5 stars


I baked these last night and brought them in for the cribbage guys at my golf course. They love them! I'm so pleased, because I find them delicious also. I subbed craisins for dates and added a tablespoon of applesauce to the mashed bananas. mmmmmmmm True to the name, these muffins made for a glorious morning. I'd definitely recommend.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (51)


Rating: 5 stars


Very Easy!!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (52)


Rating: 5 stars


Will definitely make these muffins again! Perfect and delicious way to start the day, especially with some fresh fruit and yogurt. Will probably double the batch next time and freeze one for future eating. I only have one 12-muffin tin, so instead of making 18 muffins I made 12 plus 1 mini-bread loaf. The bread turned out just as good; I just had to bake it for about 5 additional minutes.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (53)


Rating: 5 stars


They're very moist and hearty. would recommend to anyone

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (54)


Rating: 5 stars


These are the best muffins EVER! I made them exactly to the recipe and they came out perfect. I can't wait to make more and share them with everyone I know! I know no one will believe how healthy they are :)

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (55)


Rating: 5 stars


Been making this recipe since it first appeared in CL. Fabulous! Moist and delicious and freezes well. You don't have to use the paper liners; just spray the muffin tins. I recently tried them with blueberries instead of the dried fruit -- probably changes the fiber content, but equally good and even more moist. Can also use mini muffin pans -- bake 12 min.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (56)


Rating: 5 stars


My boyfriend and I love this recipe! We're starting a healthier diet, so something sweet with very little fat and a lot of nutrition is great for us. We used raisins instead of dates and tried using 1/4 cup of Splenda in place of one of the 1/4 cups of brown sugar, and it still tastes good. I think next time I'll use even less brown sugar to get the calories down.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (57)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a [surprisingly] good recipe for those of us who have to watch our cholesterol, increase fiber intake, etc. These turned out delicious. Made just a few changes. Added craisins and since I had run out of wheat flower I used all self-rising and added a packet of Amway Invisifiber. Don't forget to coat liners with cooking spray! Excellent recipe.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (58)


Rating: 5 stars


Very yummy! Probably the best healthy muffin I've tried. This time I also changed it up and replaced the 1 cup dates for 1/3 c dates, 1/3 dried apricots, and 1/3 dried mango. I think this made it even better. But I highly recommend the muffins "as is" too!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (59)


Rating: 5 stars


Loving my morning muffin now! Great way to use up ripe bananas that isn't banana bread.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (60)


Rating: 5 stars


Yum and healthy too! Had no yogurt so used buttermilk instead. And used dried cherries and walnuts. Recipe is a keeper and will definitely make again!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (61)


Rating: 3 stars


I made these hoping they would appeal to my 6-year-old son, who doesn't like anything I serve him for breakfast. He hated them (what was I thinking?) but my husband and I like them a lot. Great for grown-ups, not so much for kids.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (62)


Rating: 5 stars


These were fantastic! Made the recipe exactly as it's written and didn't change a thing. The muffins were super moist and had a wonderful, hearty texture and flavor. Buying the extra ingredients (not all us of may keep wheat bran and flaxseed stocked in the pantry) is totally worth it!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (63)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a fabulous, healthy-tasting recipe. I have made it a few times now, always successfully, but always with some variation. Today I used almonds instead of walnuts and cranberries in place of the other dried fruits; worked out perfectly!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (64)


Rating: 5 stars


My absolute FAVORITE muffin recipe. Hard to believe it's made without butter or oil. These also freeze really well. I make it exactly as directed, but could sub other dry fruit in here.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (65)

MyRecipes Member

Rating: 5 stars


These muffins are absolutely amazing. I made some changes to the recipe here and there for my picky husband (subbed golden raisins and chopped apple for dates and pineapple, left out the nuts), but overall followed the recipe. He and I LOVE them. They are a great start in the morning, tons of protein and fiber to keep you full until lunch.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (66)


Rating: 5 stars


These muffins are super yummy and filling. They beat any coffee shop muffin on flavor and no fattening calorie guilt! The only change I made was substituting the yogurt for buttermilk. Delicious!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (67)


Rating: 5 stars


these were fantastic! I will make these again and freeze some as other reviewers have mentioned. The only thing I changed was to sub out the pineapple for dried cranberries. I think I will try dried apple in the future in place of the pineapple.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (68)


Rating: 5 stars


Wow! Very easy recipe (except the chopping of the dates -- they are most sticky and need to be tossed in flour or fine sugar so they don't all stick together in the muffins.) Not nuts about dried pineapple so used dried cranberries instead. DELICIOUS. Next time I may add some grated carrot too. A great idea for a breakfast muffin.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (69)


Rating: 5 stars


fantastic!! when i made these, i stuck about half in the freezer, and left half out at room temperature. every morning i'd grab one to take to work for breakfast with a cup of tea. the frozen ones i just stuck in a baggie and within an hour or so were just like fresh again! i didn't use the pineapple or flax topping, and substituted currants for the pitted dates. yum! can't wait to make them again!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (70)


Rating: 3 stars


Like many others I made lots of alterations. I subd sunflower seeds for walnuts, chopped frozen berry mix for dried fruit, added 1/3 c ricotta for a fluffier muffin, added 1/2 t almond extract, used vanilla yogurt instead of plain, and made 12 big muffins!! They turned out well, a little dense but I suspect they are supposed to be, and that was fine with me. I dont think I added enough fruit though, next time I think that'll make them even better. A good overall muffin, and not greasy and fatty like most muffins either, which makes me feel really good about eating them!

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (71)


Rating: 5 stars


Great recipe. I pretty much followed it the to the letter the first time (just substituted wheat bran as sprinkle on top rather than flaxseed), and it turned out wonderfully. Most, very tasty. Will make again...soon. Next time will try to substitute in some carrot pulp for one of the bananas.

Morning Glory Muffins Recipe (2024)


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