NBA playoffs breakdown with ESPN’s Malika Andrews (2024)

  • NBA playoffs breakdown with ESPN’s Malika Andrews (1)

    Good Morning America

    Severe thunderstorm watch in effect in parts of Texas, Louisiana, as rain soaks region

    A line of strong thunderstorms is pushing through Louisiana and southeastern Texas on Monday, making for a stormy morning from Houston, Texas, to Jackson, Mississippi. A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for the area until 9 a.m. CT on Monday. Flash flood warnings are also in effect along the line of storms.

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    Good Morning America

    Palestinians mourn loss of culture with the rising death toll amid ongoing Israel-Hamas war

    When Palestinian American Lena Badr learned about the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, she said she was "horrified and immediately concerned" about what Israel's retaliation would mean for the Gaza Strip where part of her family resides. Since Israel began its retaliatory bombardment of the Gaza Strip, she said two of her family's homes have been hit with airstrikes.

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    ABC News

    College protests live updates: Police crackdown leads to hundreds of arrests

    Protests have broken out at colleges and universities across the country in connection with the war in Gaza. Many pro-Palestinian protesters are calling for their colleges to divest of funds from Israeli military operations, while some Jewish students on the campuses have called the protests antisemitic and said they are scared for their safety. The student protests -- some of which have turned into around-the-clock encampments -- have erupted throughout the nation following arrests and student removals at Columbia University in New York City.

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    ABC News

    Israel-Gaza live updates: Hamas to send a delegation to Cairo for hostage and cease-fire negotiations

    As the Israel-Hamas war approaches the seven-month mark, renewed negotiations are underway to secure the release of hostages taken by the terrorist organization, as Israeli forces continue to prepare for an apparent invasion of the southern Gaza town of Rafah. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in a phone call over the weekend, discussing increasing the delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza and plans for a possible military operation in Rafah, according to the White House. U.S. Central Command and the Royal Jordanian Air Force conducted a combined humanitarian assistance airdrop into Northern Gaza on Sunday.

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    ABC News

    3 police officers shot in Louisiana in fatal standoff with gunman: Officials

    Three police officers were wounded in a fatal standoff with a gunman in Louisiana on Sunday, officials said. Kenner Police were called to the 700 block of Farm Avenue at approximately 9:45 a.m. local time after two people were shot outside of a residence, according to a statement from Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto and Kenner Police Chief Keith Conley. The residence belonged to a family member of Michael Lathers, 31, who was wanted for an attempted murder and armed robbery that occurred earlier in the week in Kenner, officials said.

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    ABC News

    Trump and DeSantis meet to 'bury the hatchet' after 2024 primary fight: Sources

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis met privately with former President Donald Trump in Miami on Sunday morning, multiple sources tell ABC News, marking the latest development in the pair's rocky relationship following a contentious GOP primary in which Trump won out over DeSantis. DeSantis requested the meeting with Trump through a mutual contact hoping to "bury the hatchet," according to one source familiar with the interaction. DeSantis had breakfast with Trump while he was playing golf.

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    ABC News

    Amid college protests and arrests over Gaza, White House says: 'We don't want to see anybody hurt'

    As protests over Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza and the treatment of civilians continue at dozens of colleges and universities across the country, the White House says that President Joe Biden respects the right of demonstrators to make their voices heard -- peacefully -- but "we don't want to see anybody hurt in the process" as some protests are met with police crackdowns. Kirby did sound a warning, though, that some language heard in the mushrooming demonstrations crossed a line with the administration.

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    Good Morning America

    Vanessa Williams drops new music video for first original music in 15 years

    Vanessa Williams is back releasing hits. The model, actress and musician released a music video for her new single "Legs (Keep Dancing)" on Friday, marking her first original music in 15 years. Williams announced the release of new music two weeks ago on Instagram.

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    ABC News

    Tornados leave trail of destruction as 4 injured, hundreds of homes damaged

    The multi-day tornado outbreak continued Saturday, with powerful storms expected from Texas to the Great Lakes. Emergency officials in Hughes County, Oklahoma, confirmed one death due to storms in Holdenville. There is a tornado watch in effect for parts of six states, from Texas to Iowa into the late evening.

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    Good Morning America

    Climber dead, another seriously injured after 1,000-foot fall off Alaska mountain

    A 52-year-old woman died and her climbing partner was seriously injured after they fell approximately 1,000 feet off of a mountain in Denali National Park in Alaska, officials said. The incident occurred Thursday night, when the two-person climbing team was scaling Mt. Johnson, an 8,400-foot peak located in Denali National Park and Preserve's Ruth Gorge, according to a statement from the National Park Service. The roped climbers were ascending a route known as "the Escalator," a steep and technical alpine climb on the peak's southeast face, when the accident occurred, the National Park Service said.

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    ABC News

    Harvey Weinstein to appear in NYC court next week in first step toward retrial

    Harvey Weinstein, whose sex crimes conviction was just overturned by New York's highest court, is expected to take his first step toward being retried when he appears in court next week. Weinstein was transferred to Rikers Island and then the New York City jail medical unit at Bellevue Hospital Center ahead of the court appearance, his spokesperson said on Saturday.

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    ABC News

    A 'coat hanger' could unlock Mar-a-Lago storage room where Trump stored classified docs: Witness

    A coat hanger or "very tiny screwdriver" could be used to unlock the Mar-a-Lago storage room where former President Donald Trump stored highly classified documents for more than a year, according to a witness in Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation. The account was relayed to FBI agents by an unidentified aide to Trump in January 2023, according to newly released exhibits, and further undercuts claims by Trump that the highly-classified materials he's accused of taking with him after leaving office were secured at all times. The transcript of the interview was released as part of an ongoing effort by Trump and his co-defendants to make additional evidence gathered by Special Counsel Smith public.

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    ABC News

    The Power of Us: Climate change has disproportionately impacted these vulnerable US communities, experts say

    Researchers have been warning for years that the world's most vulnerable populations will suffer the most dire consequences of climate change. In the U.S., immigrant communities are often on the frontline of increasingly more severe extreme weather events, including wildfire smoke, extreme heat, and flooding, Ahmed Gaya, senior strategist for climate and social justice for the Climate Justice Collaborative, a nonprofit that focuses on providing support to climate-displaced people, told ABC News.

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    ABC News

    More than 2 dozen reported tornadoes in 3 states amid outbreak in the Plains

    Twenty million Americans, from Texas to Iowa, are on alert Friday for tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds, as severe weather is expected to impact the Heartland into the weekend. The highest tornado threat exists from the Dallas region north to Des Moines, Iowa. There have been at least 25 reported tornadoes in Nebraska, Texas and Kansas so far on Friday, with some damage reported in northeast Texas and central Nebraska.

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  • NBA playoffs breakdown with ESPN’s Malika Andrews (20)

    ABC News

    Paramedic sentenced to 4 years probation in connection with Elijah McClain's death

    Former paramedic Jeremy Cooper has been sentenced to a four-year probationary sentence Friday after being found guilty of criminally negligent homicide in the final case connected to Elijah McClain's 2019 death. Prosecutors accused the Aurora, Colorado, paramedic and his co-defendant Peter Cichuniec of administering an excessive amount of ketamine to sedate the 23-year-old McClain after an encounter with police on August 24, 2019. According to department policy, administering ketamine to sedate a suspect is intended "to minimize time struggling."

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    ABC News

    Maine Democrats threaten to switch to winner-take-all delegate system

    Democratic leaders in Maine are threatening to eliminate the state's split-vote system for allocating Electoral College delegates if Nebraska Republicans move forward with their plan to do the same. The two states are the only ones in the country to allocate some delegates proportionally by congressional district, which in 2020 allowed President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to each secure one delegate in states that were otherwise won by the other – Biden in Nebraska and Trump in Maine.

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    ABC News

    More than 150 people in West Virginia exposed to measles: Health officials

    About 152 people across 30 counties in West Virginia have been exposed to measles, state health officials said Friday. Earlier this week, the first confirmed case of measles in the state since 2009 was identified, according to the West Virginia Department of Health (WVDH). The patient was someone who was undervaccinated and had a history of recent international travel, the department said.

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  • NBA playoffs breakdown with ESPN’s Malika Andrews (24)

    ABC News

    The Power of Us: As EV demand slows, a new alternative fuel garners attention

    While electric vehicles' share of the automotive market is still growing, the rate at which Americans are buying new electric vehicles appears to be slowing. Kelley Blue Book reports that just under 270,000 EVs were sold in the first quarter of this year. "Something I'll say is that electric vehicles are for the patient," says Oleksiy Golub, who's driven EVs since 2020.

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    Good Morning America

    Amid an 'epidemic' of loneliness for parents, these moms are trying to help

    Johnna Castle was in the car struggling to get her two daughters -- now ages 9 and 11 -- to their afternoon activities when she said she felt an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. "I was struggling to get one kid to one place but my other kid had to be in a different place at the same time and I was figuring all of that out and just feeling overwhelmed," Castle told "Good Morning America." "They say, 'Have a tribe,' and you might have a tribe, but, really, you're alone in doing all of that and it just kind of felt like at that moment, I just wasn't happy. Castle, who is left as the solo parent when her husband travels for work, shared her feelings of loneliness in a video on TikTok that was published in Ocrober 2022, captioning the video, in part, "I love my kids more than anything else in this world but no one tells you or warns you about how lonely it is to be a mom."

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    ABC News

    Pentagon announces new $6 billion military aid package for Ukraine

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced a new $6 billion weapons purchases for Ukraine on Friday that he said is the biggest so far and will purchase new weapons systems for Ukraine, including additional Patriot missiles it needs to counter Russian missile barrages on its cities. "This is the largest security assistance package that we've committed to date," Austin said at a Pentagon news conference. "It will include critical interceptors for Ukraine's Patriot and NASAMS air defense systems, more counter-drone systems and support equipment, significant amounts of artillery ammunition, and air to ground munitions and maintenance and sustainment support," he added.

  • NBA playoffs breakdown with ESPN’s Malika Andrews (2024)


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